[Legion] Legion Battle : Flowers of War [April 25th - May 2nd]

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[Legion] Legion Battle : Flowers of War [April 25th - May 2nd]

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A Legion event is an event where you have to build a legion and beat enemies and monsters for BT Points.  You will have to walk through battlefields (either land, air or sea) and face enemies and Arch Enemies! Take note that you can choose which battlefield you want to embark on.

Besides the normal battlefields, special battlefields may appear if you've achieved certain conditions.

This Legion Event is also very different from the battle systems in Colosseum, Arena and Gift Event. You will have to issue commands to attack or defend your enemies within a time limit of 60 seconds.  If you do not defeat your enemies with 60 seconds, you will automatically lose the battle.

Monsters will attack when their Attack Counter reaches 0 (at the red popup below the enemy's leader). If you are defeated, you can re-challenge them if they not have yet fled with 100 training points. The enemies' HP will not regenerate.

Iron Batons are event items that can be obtained from rewards or card packs that quintuples (5x) the attack of your Legion in battle. Only one Iron Baton can be used in a single battle.

Battle Commands

At the bottom of your screen, you will see what you call the Battle Gauge. You will start with two bars of energy when you start a battle. There are four types of Battle Commands: Guard, Attack, Skill Attack and Ultra Attack.

Every bar of energy takes 2 seconds to regenerate.

Guard - The Guard Command is indicated with a shield icon and it needs one bar of energy from your Battle Gauge. When you use this command, the damage you will take when the enemy attacks again (only once) will be reduced by 50%.

If you initiate an attack command while you are using Guard, your Guard will be cancelled and you will take full damage from the enemy instead. Your Guard will also be cancelled when you get attacked when you're still in Guard but you will still take 50% damage.

Attack - The Attack Command is indicated with a sword icon and it needs two bars of energy from your Battle Gauge. Once you attack with this command, 5 random units from your Legion will attack your enemies.

Your units' skills will only activate once per command! If you use the Guard command when you are attacking, you will lose any remaining attacks that you have.

Skill Attack - The Skill Attack Command is indicated with an 'Ally Points' icon and it needs three bars of energy from your Battle Gauge. If you attack with this command, 5 of your strongest units will attack from your Legion.

Similar to the Attack command, your attack will be cancelled if you use the Guard command while attacking.

Ultra Attack - This Ultra Attack Command requires four bars of energy from your Battle Gauge. There are three types of Ultra Attack : Melee, Missile, Magic

The type of Ultra Attack will be determined by the type with the highest number of units. (E.g: If you have more Magic Units than Missile and Melee in your Legion, the type of Ultra Attack will be Magic.)

If attack types are tied with the same number of units, your Ultra Attack will be chosen at random.

The power of the Ultra Attack will depend on the total attack power of your Legion so the more units you have in your Legion, the stronger the Ultra Attack and vice versa.

The Melee Ultra Attack inflicts massive damage on the enemy.

The Missile Ultra Attack inflicts a large amount of damage (not as much as Melee) and has a chance to inflict Knockback on the enemy.

The Magic Ultra Attack inflicts a large amount of damage (supposedly same percentage of damage as Missile) and increases the attack power of your Entire Legion for a set number of turns.


Your units' skill may activate while you're attacking. This are the effects of your units' skills in battle.

Knockback - Resets enemy's attack counter to the highest value

Slow - Adds time to the enemy's attack counter for three enemy attacks

Poison - Enemies take damage whenever they attack for three enemy attacks.

Area Attack - Deals additional damage on the enemy

Attack Boost (Gender is not considered) - Increases Attack Power of your entire Legion for a set number of turns

Arena Skills will not activate while in battle but they will provide special bonuses.

The higher the skill level, the higher the effect of the bonus.

These Arena Skills will increase your normal attack (Attack and Skill Attack Command)

-Double Attack
-Triple Attack
-Quad Attack
-Penta Attack
-Drain Attack

These Arena skills will increase your defense.

-Iron Wall
-Speed Order
-Defense Order

These Arena skills increase your Ultra Attack.

-Critical Shot
-Stone Breath
-Nerve Strike
-Acid Rain

Bonuses do NOT stack, for example,  two units in your Legion with the Snipe skill will not confer double the bonus, the unit with the highest level of the Snipe skill will only have the bonus.

Event Librarian's Note: I am not completely sure but I think the bonus will stack if you have one unit with Penta Attack and another unit with Incinerate in your Legion.


If you are defeated by your enemy, you can request for assistance and your allies will attack only ONCE at the start of the battle if they assist you. You only can have a maximum of three assists in a single battle.

Take note that Assists will not occur in any Arch Enemy battles!

If your ally requests for assistance, you can also send a Battle Standard which gives 2000 BT Points, sending assistance does not require Training Points.

The Battle Standard will increase the amount of damage that assists deal in the battle (but assists are still pretty much useless since they only can attack once).

Arch Enemies

After defeating an amount of enemies, you will get to encounter Arch Enemies.  You can request for assistance and allies will not only just assist you (like the normal battles), your allies will also be able to attack the Arch Enemy as well.

Arch Enemies will spawn for your chosen allies and its HP will be shared between all instances of that enemy. If any ally attacks the Arch Enemy, the HP will dwindle for all the allies that are able to attack the Arch Enemy.

If the Arch Enemy is defeated before the battle is decided, Training Points and Iron Batons spent on that battle will be refunded.

You only can have three active Arch Enemies at a time including your own Arch Enemy if you have found one.

Arch Enemies can give two types of Bonus BT, the Discovery Bonus and the Damage Bonus.

The Discovery Bonus goes to the player that finds the Arch Enemy while the Damage Bonus is determined by the amount of damage done to the Arch Enemy.

Bonus Units

-Gladia 4*
-Destro 5*
-Maple 6*
-Vanessa 7*
-Leuce 8*  (From Nymph Packs)

Step Up Packs Season 22

-Rose 8*
-Zorya 7*
-Camellia 6*
-Aloalo 5*
-Narcissus 5*
-Girasol 5*
-Jacin 4*
-Crisa 4*
-Ipomea 4*
-Penser 4*

Dream Packs Season 18

-Krishna 8*

Sea Packs

-Mardoll 8*

Fusion Packs

-Lebka 6*

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