[Dice] Roll the Dice: Valley of Shangri-La [March 21th 2014 - March 24th 2014]

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[Dice] Roll the Dice: Valley of Shangri-La [March 21th 2014 - March 24th 2014]

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This is a Board event where you basically just roll the dice. There are 6 Dice Points and 1 Dice Point is regenerated every 10 minutes. (Basically, an hour to replenish 6 Dice Points)

Karma Candy helps to restore your Dice Points and it can be obtained from purchases or rewards from bosses or clearing laps. Take note that Karma Candy CANNOT BE TRADED.

BT Points are obtained either from defeating bosses or clearing laps. You also can get rewards by defeating bosses and clearing laps. You can also get some rewards like Potion (P) and tons of goddess too (even Ambrosia, less trouble to Level Break your units!).

There are also 3 special dice items, the Tin Dice, the Onyx Dice and the Ruby Dice.

Using a Tin Dice lets you roll 2 Dices, 5 Dices for the Onyx Dice and 10 Dices for the Ruby Dice.

There are 4 types of bonus, Boss Bonus, Ally Bonus, Dice Bonus and Special Unit Bonus  that can be earned either from clearing a lap or defeating a boss.

The Board
Dice Points are spent by rolling the dice, and the number of squares you move in a turn is determined by the number you roll.

Completing a circle around the board completes 1 lap and you can gain BT points and other rewards. (You can get 1 tradable pot and 1 tradable TE from clearing a Bonus Board!)

Boss Battles
A Boss Battle is triggered by landing on a Boss Square (usually Purple in color)

In a boss battle, you roll the dice to attack without using your Dice Points. The higher your roll, the more powerful your attack will be. If you have duplicate rolls (E.g: Rolling 2 '1' from a Bronze Dice), you may unleash a Dice Attack, which is pretty powerful.

The greater the number of matching dice you have, the more likely you will do a Deck Attack.

Deck Attacks will use your support deck. The support deck can be filled with 6 units with a 100 DC limit.

If you lose a Boss Battle, you will have a choice to continue with a Potion.

Treasure Chests
You need to land DIRECTLY on a 'Treasure Chest' square to have a chance to open it.

Pretty simple, you just need to roll higher than whatever is needed (better said than done D:), and you will receive whatever is inside.

You MAY get Riche, a 6* UNIT, from the gold chests in this event :3

Rolling the dice to open Treasure Chests do not require Dice Points.

Warp Squares
If you stop on a warp square, you will be transported to a second warp square and is only one-way. Landing on a warp exit panel will not cause you to warp back to the entrance.

Special Cards
Special Cards can be obtained from Treasure Chests or Ally Squares and you can only 10 cards maximum.

If you get a new card when you have 10 cards, you will have the choice to discard a card.

Movement Cards: They will allow you to move along the board without using Dice Points.

Probability Cards: It increases the chance you'll roll a specific number. You can use them to influence die rolls in movement, opening Treasure Chests and in Boss Battles.

Key Cards: It allows you to pop open a chest without the need of a die roll.

Ally Cards: It increases the amount of damage you do in Boss Battles.

Bonus Board
Sometimes, you will get a Peach Stone after defeating a boss. If you get 5 Peach Stones, you will get to access the Bonus Board filled with Joker as the boss and more treasure chest squares.

You will have the option to go to the Bonus Board at the start of your next lap once you gathered 5 Peach Stones.

xfalconhunterx wrote:Observed changes from Casino:

* Bosses of any level can be almost anywhere: Previously, you wouldn't face Joker outside of the Bonus Board until you reached MUCH higher laps. In Shangri-La, Grigory lvl 175 is appearing as early as Lap 14 on the MAIN board. Without an event unit, you're gonna be spending 5-8 potions or you can kiss your movement goodbye (retreat.)

* Event boss is not weak to event 6* and 7*: Joker was weak to missile (Monnaie 6*.) Earnesta(7) and Marim(6) are both Melee. Grigory is Land/B-B-C. You do the math, there.

* Boss placements are entirely randomized: Previously, you would go through a predictable series of maps before you encountered certain bosses, and those bosses would appear in predictable spaces. You'd go through Rolo(4), then Heart(4), then Poker(5), then Tesera(6). I've encountered at least ONE OF EACH of the different bosses by lap 15.

* Chests with high requirements are now on the main board: Bronze Chests with a req roll of 44+? Really?! Yup. Really. On the main board.

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