[Training] The Once and Future King [March 1st- March 6th]

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[Training] The Once and Future King [March 1st- March 6th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 5:54 pm

How Do Training Events Work?
The 'Training' section of the game is the main focus for this event. Once the event begins, during training, you can encounter a boss and choose to fight it. It starts at level 1 and each time you defeat it increase its level by 1. The increase in level will make the boss have more health.

In a boss battle, you can deploy 1 of your unit and 3 of your allies. You can only deploy your allies once; if you would like to deploy them again you will need to "Request Assistance" and your allies have to send an assist to you.

If you fail against a boss you can fight them again but it requires 50 TP (training points). You can fight the bosses as many times so long as you have the TP. If they send you an assist, you will then be able to deploy them again. Sending an assist cost 1 TP.

You allies can also send you Mithril Lances, which does two things. It will reward the sender of the Lance, BT and an amount of Shield Shards. The second is that the next boss you encounter will have slightly lower HP as the spikes can attack them.

Fighting a boss again cost 50 TP. Their health will be reduced by the amount you dealt them the last time you encountered them.

If you fail and do not choose to fight them again, after 30 minutes (Only for Normal bosses) they will flee. If they flee this way, the next time you encounter them, their level will be reduced by 1-3 levels.

Other bosses like Fafnir, Excalibur (in this event) and Anne is different than the normal bosses.

For special bosses(e.g. Lilith), they will take 3 hours to flee, meaning you only can request assistance 2 times maximum unless you use a potion so be prepared!

If you defeat the boss, you are rewarded with EXP and an event item that can be accumulated to unlock prizes(Shield Shards). Different bosses give different amounts. The higher the level of the boss, the larger amount of Shield Shards that can be earned.

Once you have accumulated a certain amount you can go to the "Reward" tab and click collect prize. Your Shield Shards will not disappear and will continue to accumulate. You can also sometimes collect event items in treasure chests. (note in the Emerald Showdown and the events so on, you couldn't get them from chests)

Fever Time
You may encounter fever time during training and during this time all bosses will give you an increased BT/Shards and the probability of running into rarer bosses increases. It lasts roughly around 5 minutes.

Event Units

Event units from the packs below will give bonus BT points.

-Step Up Packs Season 18
-Dream Packs Season 11

Event Items

A Lance(Or a Similar Item) gains you 7000 BT and 3000 Shield Shards.

Oaths(Or a Similar Item): It allows you to deploy five units when used. Wards can be traded

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