[Raising] Here There Be Dragons[Feb 23th - Feb 27th]

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[Raising] Here There Be Dragons[Feb 23th - Feb 27th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 5:53 pm

Kadaan wrote:I didn't play this event much, but it's not a Popularity event like our Princess event.

All I remember is:

* Everyone has to raise their own baby dragon (I didn't get to pick one, it just gave me the fire one)
* You could feed your dragon for points to level it up (point values were identical to Leana's exchange shop point values)
* You have to create a team of 4 units (<= 80 points) + 4 monsters (any 4)
* Your allies' dragon will randomly aid you in battles, so the higher they raise their dragon the more it helps you

Battle Screen:

Event info poster:

This event is basically about raising your dragon and keeping poachers and hunters away from the dragon. You can meet these 'poachers and hunters' from special event Training stages , defeating them will reward you with Dragon Drops that you can feed to your Dragon and BT Points for ranking..

Boss Battles

You'll assemble a team of 4 units and 4 monsters to do a Group Battle. While there is a cost cap of 80 for your units, there are no limitations on which monsters you can use. Your maximum hit points will vary depending on which monsters you have set in your team depending on the size, level, and rarity of your monsters

Press the Auto Build button and you will automatically form two teams using your highest level monsters and units.

There will also be times when your Allies' hatchling will appear mid-battle to help out.
This hatchling's strength will depend largely on the strength of your monster team.

You can use a Time Elixir at any time to instantly reset the cooldown when fighting bosses.

Boss units you encounter in Training will gradually advance on your dragon when you lose the Group Battle. (You will lose a Group Battle if you fail to completely defeat the enemy group)
If they reach your dragon, the boss unit will disappear and you will lose BT Pts. You can check how much time it will take for them to reach your dragon.

The first person who initiates a fight with a given boss (i.e. the person who found the boss), will also receive a Discovery Bonus when the boss is defeated.
The person who inflicts the most damage during the boss fight will receive a MVP Bonus after the boss has been defeated. Arena / Player skills will not activate during Boss Unit battles (E.g Iron Wall, Riposte etc.)

You cannot battle a boss unit that has already reached your dragon!

Raising your Dragon

You can feed your dragon Luna, items, and cards to nurture them into a more advanced form by converting those items to EVO Pts. As you gain EVO Pts, a bar will fill up above your dragon hatchling indicating your current EVO progress. When the EVO Progress gauge has been filled, you will need to feed your dragon a number of Dragon Jellies to EVO her to her next form.

If you do not have enough Dragon Jelly, you will not be able to evolve your dragon. Dragon Drops CANNOT be used at this stage of development.
Once you have evolved a dragon in this fashion, you can press the Get Dragon button to stop the evolution process and receive your dragon.

After receiving a dragon, you will be granted a new hatchling (Fire Baby) to raise again from scratch. Any excess EVO Pts gained when EVOing your dragon will be discarded.

Mina will grant fewer EVO Pts than other 6★s when fed to your dragon.
The number of EVO Pts and Dragon Jellies need to evolve your dragon will increase incrementally starting with your second hatchling.

You can tap the Get Dragon button after the event has finished, but you won't be able to feed or evolve it any more than its current state.

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