[Gift] A Fairy in the Hand [Feb 14th - Feb 19th]

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[Gift] A Fairy in the Hand [Feb 14th - Feb 19th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 5:51 pm

How does this event work?

This event is in no way original. It borrows many themes and elements from previous events (basically SS being lazy) to come up with something that is somewhat refreshing.

The aim of the event is to gain as much BT as possible. The only way you can gain BT is to donate to allies (similar to the Team events) Molted Wings which can be gained in quests and from Fairy Battles (more on this later).

On the event menu, there is a Gift menu. Gift menu will bring up your ally list and allow you to gift Star Stones to them. A maximum of 10 Molted Wings can be gifted at any time. Gifting an ally will reward you with BT. Once you gifted an ally, you cannot gift them again for another 15 minutes. This cool down can be eliminated if the ally that you have gifted to, gifts you Molted Wings back. You can gift an ally 10 times within a period; this period will reset during specific times of the day.

The more you gift an ally, the more BT will be rewarded per gift.

Molted Wings

If an ally donates to you their Molted Wings, this will become your Fairy Wings which can be accumulated (like shard rewards from Training events and PT from Team ones) to unlock bonuses. You will be prompted when a reward is available when you have reached a certain Fairy Wing reward.

Fairy Battles

Fairy Battles are boss battles you can participate in using Fairy Tickets (similar to Panel events). These can be obtained from box purchases. Each boss has a number of Grail Tickets in order to participate.

A team can be created to battle in the Fairy Battles and this functions exactly like a Colo-type battle. 120 DC limit with a maximum of 6 units. 2 random allies will join your team once the battle begins. Your team will battle another team, however, the main difference is that each of your units have their own individual health. If any of your units attack it does damage to all of your opponent's units' health. To win a battle, you much have more health (similar to Arena) than your opponent after 30 turns.

Winning Fairy Battles will reward you with huge amounts of Molted Wings. If you manage to deplete all your opponent's units, you can score a perfect victory which will again reward you with huge amounts of Molted Wings. After 30 battles, you can use a Potion to continue the fight in order to score these Perfect Victories if you lose.

Also, Arena Skills (E.g: Iron Wall) are not available during Grail Battles

Servantarcher wrote:For chat I've seen yet :

Battle lvl 15 give 20 + 20 if perfect so 40 total (40 gifts/ticket)
Battle lvl 40 give 42 + 42 if perfect so 82 total (42 gifts/ticket)
Battle lvl 65 give 67 + 67 if perfect so 134 total (44.6 gifts/ticket)
Battle lvl 100 give 120 + 120 if perfect so 240 total (48 gifts/ticket)
Battle lvl 120 give 182 + 182  if perfect so 364 total (52 gifts/ticket)

Push Notifications

You can send Push Notifications to players you have sent Black Cups to.

You can send up a Push Notification every 6 hours.

Push Notifications can be sent only to the players you are gifting at that time.

The 6-hour time limit for Push Notifications is reset daily at Fantasica Time 4:00 am, 10:00 am, 4:00 pm, and 10:00 pm.

The size of the bonus depends on the number of people you send marks to right before you send your Push Notifications. You will receive 10 bonus BT Pts for each person you send a notification to.

You will receive these bonus BT Pts regardless of whether or not your allies have Push Notifications disabled through their settings.

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