[Popularity] Royal Trouble [Feb 7th - Feb 14th]

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[Popularity] Royal Trouble [Feb 7th - Feb 14th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 5:46 pm

This is the first Popularity event to be released in our servers so I'll try my best to explain it.

Your job is to help and protect the princesses from their crazy fans and hold them back.

To find the princesses, you have to do the exclusive training stages. If you see an 'Aieeee!', aye, its a princess that needs help!

For your trouble, the Princesses will reward you with Love Points. Love Points are measured in two ways, individual Love Points which are tallied separately for each princess: and total Love Points which represent all the Love Points you earned, meaning there are 4 rankings in this event, 3 for the princesses and one for the overall Love Points that you have gained.

The total love points represent the total amount of Love Points from all the princesses.

Every ten exclusive Training areas you clear, you will encounter a boss and you can get loot!

A princess may also ask you for a favour. If you give the correct item, unit, or monster, you will gain bonus Love Points. If you give the wrong item, no Love Points will be gained.

Princess Defence

You can deploy 2 of your units and 3 of your allies to protect the princess. For each enemy unit that reaches the princess, her Love Pt gauge will decrease. The amount of the decrease will vary according to the rarity of the unit (i.e 5*, 6*). The higher the rarity of the unit, the greater the decrease.

Enemy units that have skills will have an effect when they reach the princess successfully.

Poison : This skill causes the Love Pt Gauge to decrease steadily for a period of time.

Knockback: This skill will disable Love Macarons for a period of time.

Slow: This reduces the attack speed of your units for a period of time (Oh crap, Alexander....)

Area Attack: Causes an additional decrease of 200 Love Points

Attack Boost: Increases the amount of damage dealt by ALL enemy units for a period of time

If the Love Gauge Points reaches 0, you will fail the quest and lose 500 Love Points

Love Points, Total Love Points and Popularity

Each of the three princesses have their own Love Points. Defeating all the enemies and having a perfect defence will earn a greater amount of love points for the princess that you have successfully protected.

If the love points reaches zero instead, you will fail the quest and a number of Love Points for that princess only will be lost.

If you fail to protect Princess Pheobe , the love points FROM all the princesses will decrease.

As the three princesses are rivals, helping one princess will increase her individual Love Points and will lower the other two individual princesses of their Love Points. Your Total Love Points will not decrease.

Please take note that you only can receive each Love Point reward once!

Each princess has her own popularity rating , a princess popularity rating will increase by 1 if you succeeded in defending her. Her defense quests will thus become more difficult.

If you fail to defend a princess at a given popularity 3 times, her popularity ranking will decrease by 1.


Favors can trigger in one of two ways by either occuring randomly after you have successfully defended a princess or occur after you have attempted to defend a princess a set number of times.

After you successfully defend a princess, there is a small chance that the princess will ask you for a favor.

She will give you a hint as to what she is looking for. Give her something that matches her request to earn bonus Love Pts. (If she's asked for a guard, give ONLY female units)

If you give her something she does not want, you will NOT earn ANY additional Love Pts.
The more Love Pts a princess has, the higher the chance that she'll ask you for a favor after battle.

Additionally, princesses will also ask you for favors once you have attempted to defend them a certain number of times.

During this time, you can tap the Gift button on the main page to listen to a princess's request.
Who will make the request will depend on each princess's Love Pts. The princess with the highest Love Pt total will make the request.

If two or more princesses have the same amount of Love Pts, then the princess will be determined at random.

The items you can gift to a princess are listed below:
100000 Luna
Love Macaron (event item)
Silver Bell (gift item)
Light Perfume (gift item)
All items giving to a princess will be lost in the process.

Silver Bells and Light Perfume can be found by completing quests.

Love Macarons can be found by completing quests or via some purchases.

Giving a Love Macaron to a princess will always award some Love Pts, however you will receive fewer points than if you'd given the *correct* item.

If you happen to close the app or accidentally back out of the gift-giving process, you can try again by returning back to the event main page and tapping the Gift button.

You can only continue from the last gift-giving process you participated in when the error / mistake occurred.

If you have more than one favor active at any given time, you may need to complete one before you can initiate the other.

However, if you trigger more than one favor (by engaging in a set number of quests), then you will lose access to the oldest one. For example, if you trigger a favor by attempting 5(hypothetical) quests and then trigger a second favor by completing 10(hypothetical) quests, you will lose access to the first favor if you have not already completed it.

Stud Mode

You can initiate Stud Mode by using the event-exclusive item Wild Flowers. Stud Mode lasts for 5 minutes by default.

Stud Mode increases the chance to encounter princess during Training (Princess is determined by whichever princess you have selected at the time of use.) and also increases the chance for princess to ask you for a favor at the end of a successful defense

It also reduces the number of enemies present in a defense quest

Furthermore, if you active Stud Mode for Princess Phoebe, there is a small increase in the chance to encounter all princesses during Training, a small increase in chance that a princess will ask you for a favor at the end of a successful defense (All princesses) and also reduces the number of enemies present in a defense quest (All princesses)

If you close the app during a defense quest while Stud Mode is active, you will no longer enjoy it's bonus if you log in after Stud Mode wears off.


Total Love Point Rankings

Princess Elly


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