[Arena] - Season 2 [May 16th - May 23th]

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[Arena] - Season 2 [May 16th - May 23th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 5:03 pm

This is an Arena event which is different from Colosseum Events and it features 2 modes of play. Do not confuse it with Colosseum events as they are different.

Fight in Tournament Mode where you are guaranteed BT Pts even if you lose, or put it all on the line in Survival Mode where just one loss means NO BT Pts!

Of course, you can always do both!

Combat in the Arena takes place between two teams, each team can consist of up to a total of 7 units with a total deployment of 120.

The Arena also features a restriction called a Decree. Decrees limit the kind of unit you can add to your team.

For this Battle Arena, only Melee units are allowed to be used in this season regardless of deploy cost.

There is a time limit in this Arena. If you fail to fight within the time limit, your match will be counted as a loss even if you win. It is recommended to participate in the Arena only while you are in areas with good cellphone / internet reception to prevent disruptions halfway during the Arena. If a disruption occurs, you will not gain any BT points.

Note: Trading will be disabled during this arena! Very Happy

You also cannot call your allies in the Arena battle.

Participation in either of the two Arena modes requires Arena Tickets.
To obtain Arena Tickets, you can either get tickets from Training or included in the card packs.

All unused Arena Tickets will NOT carry over to the next Arena event.

Additional Info
- Units are arranged into 3 lines according to their range
- First line = 110 and 130 range
- Second line = 150 range
- Third line = 175 and 200 range
- The order that the Units are attacked is according to their range (from low to high), and their position when you form the team (top units get attacked first)
- Each unit has its own HP, according to its combined stat
- Once a unit loses all of its HP, it will be put out of fight

- All attacks including skills (excepted for AoE) are directed to the first the first enemy unit according to the order of attack (not the first enemy in the queue)

Skill effects in Battle Arena

Skills behave a little bit differently from Colosseum events.

- Knockback, knock the unit to the end of the queue
- Slow, move all enemy units a little bit back in the queue
- Poison, when the affected unit attacks it will also deal damage to itself (poison cannot be cured)
- Area Attack, attack all units in a single row (from front to back)
- Iron Wall, nullify incoming attack, skills (except for AoE) will still be applied
- Double/Triple/Quadraple Attack, attacks 2/3/4 times (at a reduced percent of normal damage)
- Speed Order, move all ally units a little bit further in the queue
- Attack Boost, raise attack power of ally units of the specified type

Tournament Mode
Tournament Mode is an 8-player battle that takes place in a tournament-style format.

In Tournament Mode, you will earn an amount of BT Pts depending on how far you manage to advance before losing (or winning) the tournament.

You cannot resign from Tournament Mode.

If you happen to be in the middle of a tournament right as maintenance starts, you will lose your Arena Ticket and any BT Pts you have earned in that current tournament. Take care when participating in Tournament Mode near maintenance time.

BT Pts will be awarded on the results screen at the end of the tournament.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode is a 10-battle marathon session that ends at your first loss.

The more battles you win, the more potential BT Pts you can earn.

However, if you lose any of the 10 battles, you will gain no BT Pts and your run will end.

You are given the option to resign between battles. If you do, you will gain BT Pts depending on how many wins you have accumulated up to that point.

If you happen to be in the middle of a Survival Mode run when maintenance starts, you will not gain any BT Pts unless you see them awarded on the results screen at the end of the run.

Furthermore, if maintenance starts while you're in a Survival Mode run, you will lose your Arena Ticket and any BT Pts you have earned in that current tournament. Take care when participating in Survival Mode near maintenance time.

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