[Trial] The Trials of Divinity [May 10th - May 16th]

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[Trial] The Trials of Divinity [May 10th - May 16th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 5:02 pm

How Does Mina's Trials of Whim Work?

These are quest based trials and not ranked. There are four categories - Easy, Normal, Hard and Inferno.

You go to a separate screen and do quests. You need to clear 100% before moving to the next one. Once you have completed all quests for each of the categories you are move onto the next level of difficulty.

You are awarded prizes for completing the categories however, only one set of prize can be claimed once. So, if you complete all stages in Easy, the prize for Easy is only given on the first completion.

The cooldown is 10 minutes between each normal quest and 15 minutes for Ex Quest. This cool down isn't shared with normal questions.

Inferno quests have a 15 minute cool down between them.

The deploy limit is 3 of your units and 2 of your allies.

Happy questing!

Guides by the forum community

shizukanii wrote:Some updates~

Hard EX using 3x6*+5*+2*(Claudiooooo)--none of them as leads.
Of course, since you're just dealing with ghosts, you'll need strong Air mages if possible. I wanted to have at least one KB, one slow, and one poison mage deployed.

Oh cool, now you can beat Hard EX with just 3x6* allies and a Claudio (wasn't leadered)!

(That's a Lys, Succubus, and Marjoram btw)

shizukanii wrote:Have made proper mincemeat of the Infernos! ; D

Here's my setup for the last few. Been busy with finals but I'll look over the past few posts and see whether I can come up with lower star unit setups to pass the other levels. ^^ Though I passed Inferno EX deploying a 2*+4*+5*! : D

I hope I put the images in the right order. xD

Besides ally units, the ones I deployed were either: lvl1 Claudio, lvl20 Zafiro, lvl80 Zande, or lvl137 Succubus. I'll try to get setups that don't involve my 6* in a bit.

Inferno 3: Needed lots of strong ground units. Didn't really pay attention, but it's a lot of unicorns, pegasuses, and sleipnirs I think.

Inferno 4: Need mage (preferably Monica) strong against sea for the crabs, but also a missile unit for the bosses and banshees.

Inferno 5: All the monsters are weak to melee most I believe. So having fast attacking melees is best--I wanted at least one knockback and one poison melee. My Zafiro acts as a unit to slow down the monsters so that the melee units can do the rest.

Inferno EX: Monica for the crabs (ie. strong Sea Mage), Mata as the missile unit (preferably strongest ground missile), and Fenrir as the melee unit (need strong air melee)--but pretty much need a unit of each type.

None of the units were set as my leader, so you could probably get by with weaker units either by leadering a Claudio (for 3xfemale power skill boost if you have it) or another strong unit.

Mallik77 wrote:Just for the sake of it, I consolidated my Inferno deploys in one post here.  As has been noted, this set of trials doesn't seem as hard as previous ones, but hopefully this will help to give some ideas for some people in need.

Inferno 1

Inferno 2

Inferno 3

Inferno 4

Inferno 5

Inferno EX

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