[Team] Flowers Maiden in Bloom! [April 18th - April 26th]

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[Team] Flowers Maiden in Bloom! [April 18th - April 26th]

Post by wickedLuzi on Fri May 05, 2017 4:58 pm

How it works?

This event is quite complicated to explain so I will do my best to explain it as simple as possible.


When you first participate in the event you are asked to either Create a Team or Join a Team. Either choice will then allow you to select a Maiden. That Maiden will be your team mascot for the entirety of the event. Beware, once you have selected your Create/Join and then your Maiden, you cannot change for the rest of the event.

Creating a Team

I haven't done this before so someone may need to correct me in this aspect. By creating a team you effectively own the team and get to call the team a specific name. There is a limit in the amount of teams that can be created so you may only be allowed to join. Each team can hold a maximum of 10 players and you cannot select the members.

Joining a Team

You can select on the Maidens and then you are placed in random team that hasn't got 10 members that matches the same Maiden as the one you selected.

Sun Drops

Sun Drops are used to increase points of the overall team in the form of PR points. These can be bought in packs and earned by completing quests (from zero to 5) and chests in training. Note that Chapters 1 to 4 do not award you with any Drops. The best place to receive them are the ones that reward you with the most BT in panel events (25-3, 36-5 and 37-6). This maiden event has reduced drop rate on Sun Drops. The maximum you can obtain from quests Part 1-6 for this event is 3 Drops. You may tend to get 2-3 drops or none at all. Quests Part 7-10 can give more than 3 drops.

Yuan wrote:Alright, going to bed a bit early tonight since even with that last nap I'm very, very tired.

I've logged the data for 50 runs of 37-6, it's not perfect because of the somewhat low sample size, but I wasn't around my computer to log the rest of my runs.

Following data is for 50 runs:

List form:
0 drops: 7
1 drop: 12
2 drops: 15
3 drops: 16

Pie chart with percentages:

As you can see, it's pretty evenly spaced out. I will likely continue tomorrow Smile

This works out to be just over 4 hours of grinding (Very tired today, told ya Razz) for 90 drops, or about 21 drops an hour if I did the math right. I might've done it wrong. If I did, my bad.

Kadaan wrote:Finished running 28-5, 37-4, and 37-6 100 times each:

37-6 gave 1.70 drops on average, noticeably higher than the other two I tested so far.

You can donate up to 100 Sun Drops at once and by using them your team earns PR points and the points will also go towards your individual ranking.

Fever Time

At certain times of the day, there will be Fever Time. During this time the amount of PR points earned via Donate Flowers increase. The duration is completely random so you may have to log on frequently to check when it happens

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