[EVENT] Demon's Tower [Aug 23 2012 - Sept 4 2012]

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[EVENT] Demon's Tower [Aug 23 2012 - Sept 4 2012]

Post by wickedLuzi on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:56 pm

Demon's Tower event is up!

About Demon's Tower
There are 50 floors within the tower.
On your way to the top, you will encounter a boss every 10 floors.  Defeat the final boss on the 50th floor to clear the tower.
Clearing the tower will earn you a special reward.  There are multiple rewards and the reward you receive will be determined at random starting from your second lap (playthrough). Happy Hunting!
* Card rewards will be sent to your Unit List. If your Unit List is full, they will be sent to your Inbox.

Time Period
Demon's Tower will open on August 23, 2012 and end on September 4, 2012.  These times may be subject to change. All rank rewards will be awarded only after the event has ended.

Fighting Within The Tower
Only one of your units, along with Leader Units of up to three Allies, will be capable of attacking.

BT Points
As you clear each floor in the Tower, you will earn BT points.
You can earn greater amounts of BT points by clearing Boss floors.  Bosses do not regenerate hit points between battles, so you can continue to challenge them until victorious.  However, the fewer attempts it takes to defeat a boss, the more BT points you will earn.

Furthermore, deploying any of the Dark Elf series units will give you a BT points boost depending on their rarity.  The higher the rarity of the card deployed, the more of a bonus you will receive to your BT points.  The effects are not cumulative.  You can only receive a bonus equal to your rarest card.  Finally, you only receive the BT point boost if you successfully complete the event quest.  You receive no bonus points if you fail.

Dark Elf Units
Deploying one of the limited-edition, Dark Elf units within the Demon's Tower event will grant you a bonus to your BT Points depending on the rarity of the unit.

The higher the rarity of your Dark Elf unit, the greater your bonus will be.  Dark Elf BT point bonuses do not stack, regardless of whether you use multiple units.  You can only receive a bonus equal to your rarest card.  You can only receive the Dark Elf BT point boost when you successfully complete a quest within the Demon's Tower.  You receive no bonus points if you fail.

Cooldown Within the Tower
Clearing a floor with incur a cooldown.  However, this cooldown will be handled separately from your normal Quest or Battle Cooldown.  While cooldown will heal over time, you can also use a time elixir to instantly set any cooldown time to zero.

Rank will be determined by the amount of BT points you have earned.
You can view your rank and the rank of the ten players above you via the Ranking page.

There is no limit to the number of times you can clear the Tower, so get to clearing that tower, soldier!
As it may take some time for Rankings to update, there may be some discrepancy between what is shown on the Ranking page and the actual, final player rankings.  Changes to player rankings may take up to 30 minutes to update.

Rank Rewards
Achieving a spot in the upper ranking brackets gives you access to rare cards that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

1st - 10th
    Gloria, Royal Princess (6★)
1st - 50th
    Faith, Demoness Queen (6★)
1st - 200th
    Erhard, Demon Lord (5★)
1st - 300th
    Time Elixir x3
301st - 500th
    Time Elixir x1
Entry Reward
    Premium Ticket x1

Once the event has finished, some time may be required before you can receive your Rank Rewards.

Floor Rewards
1st Lap: 10th Floor: 200 Brave Points
1st Lap: 20th Floor: 5000 Luna
1st Lap: 30th Floor: 400 Brave Points
1st Lap: 40th Floor: 1 Premium Ticket
1st Lap: 50th Floor: Gloria, Royal Body Double

2nd Lap: 10th Floor: Soul Stone x1 (for more info, check here: Japanese Site)
2nd Lap: 20th Floor: Time Elixir x2
2nd Lap: 30th Floor: 8000 Luna
2nd Lap: 40th Floor: Soul Stone x2
2nd Lap: 50th Floor: A random 4★ monster card.

The difficulty of the Demon's Tower, as well as rewards, may be subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Players who attempt to exploit bugs or third-party software will find their BT Points and Rankings reset and accounts suspended for violation of the Terms of Service.

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