[Panel] School's Out at the Magic Academy (Jan 16th - Jan 23rd)

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[Panel] School's Out at the Magic Academy (Jan 16th - Jan 23rd)

Post by wickedLuzi on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:24 pm

This is a panel event. We will update with accurate data as soon as possible.

In a panel event players gain BT for doing quests. The amount of BT gained per quest seems to correlate with the number of monsters in that quest. The current best quest to do is 25-3 which gives 907 points. Quests 4-X and lower do not give points. There are also event specific quests that tend to give large BT rewards, but to do these you need to acquire special event tickets. You start off with a couple free tickets and you may get some through flipping panels or gaining BT. Generally the more difficult the event quest, the more BT per ticket spent it gives. Another way to obtain these tickets is to buy card boxes from the game.

There does not seem to be event units for this event.

The Japanese panel rewards were:

2 Event Quest Tickets15k LunaEnhancement Cost Reduction
2k BraveWitch Elly (card)3 Potions (P)
Enhancement Boost3 TE (P)Premium Ticket
10th Panel Reward was Student Olga (card).

The Japanese BT rewards were (note these tend to get shuffled around or changed for our release):

5,000BT2,000 Braves
10,000BTTwo Event Quest Tickets
15,000BTStudent Sheena (card)
20,000BT2 Potions (P)
30,000BT2 TE (P)
45,000BT3,000 Braves
60,000BT50,000 Luna
80,000BTStudent Ibiza (card)
100,000BT3 Potions
150,000BT3 TE
200,000BT3 Premium Tickets
400,000BT4*+ Ticket
800,000BTStudent Norma (card)
Every additional 300,000 after 800,0004*+ Ticket

Link to Japanese Wiki: http://w.livedoor.jp/fantasica/d/%CB%E2%CB%A1%B3%D8%B1%A1%A4%CE%A4%CA%A4%C4%A4%E4%A4%B9%A4%DF

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