[EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]

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[EVENT] Soul Hunters [6th Dec 2012 - 14th Dec 2012]

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***** EVENT TEXT *****

■About Soul Hunters
During the Soul Hunters event, phantoms will appear at random during Training. Defeat them and free the Spirit Warriors from their turmoil!

Defeat phantoms to gain BT Pts. Earn BT Pts and secure a high rank. High ranks give great prizes!

You can also gain rewards by collecting Spirit Shards - an item that drops from phantoms once you've defeated them.

*You can collect your Rank Rewards by tapping the "Receive" button on the Ranking page after the event has finished. If the reward is a card, and your unit list is full, it will be sent to your Inbox instead.

■Event Schedule
Soul Hunters will start on December 6, 2012, after maintenance and end on December 14, 2012, at 2:00 am PST/PDT.

*These times may be subject to change.

All Rank Rewards will be awarded only the event has ended.

■Fighting Phantoms
You will only be able to fight phantoms using 1 of your units and whatever allies come to your assistance.

You can increase the number of your own units that you can summon by using Summoner Charms.

Summoner Charms can only be used once per battle and are lost on use.

Once you have initiated a battle with a phantom, you will need to defeat it within a certain window of time. If you don't, it will flee.

Furthermore, unit skills, such as poison or knockback, have no effect in phantom battles.

You can rechallenge phantoms that you have defeated or have fled, but they will start at full health at the start of the next battle.

Finally, equipping Special Units (more info below) will increase your chances of meeting rarer Phantoms. The increase depends on the rarity of the special unit.

■Special Units
Some special units, when equipped as your leader unit, will grant bonuses exclusive to the Soul Hunters event. You have a chance of pulling these new units in Premium Card Packs, Boxes, and Megaboxes.

These special units are as follows -

Tom, Sorcerer Prodigy Patricia, Field Archer Paris, Cerulean Knight

The special units confer the following bonuses -

・Increase your chances of meeting rarer phantoms ・Increase damage of soul spikes sent from allies

* The amount increased depends on the rarity of the special unit.

* While these special units will still be available after the event, the bonuses they confer will end when the Soul Hunters event concludes.

■Calling for Help
When your Allies encounter phantoms, they may choose to call you for help.

You'll have two ways to help them - "Send Aid" will let them call your unit in battle and "Send Spike" will send them a Soul Spike.

Helping allies will consume some of your Training Pts, but you will earn both BT Pts and Spirit Shards for your efforts.

Tapping the "Request Assistance" button when encountering phantoms will send a request to your own allies for help in the same fashion.

Tapping the "Request Assistance" button will trigger Cooldown. You can wait for Cooldown to dissipate naturally, or use a Potion to reset it instantly.

Finally, you can only "Request Assistance" from your Allies.

■Soul Spikes
When assisting allies, you can choose to send them a Soul Spike if you have at least one in stock.

Soul Spikes are bundled with some purchases (check Card Pack page for more details) but can also be earned as a Spirit Shard reward.

Sending a Soul Spike to an ally will also grant you a big boost in BT Pts.

Soul Spikes can only be sent to your Allies. They can NOT be used on yourself or in your battles with phantoms.

Furthermore, Spikes that have been sent by Allies are used automatically in phantom fights. A maximum of 5 Spikes can be used in a single fight and all remaining spikes will carry over to your next fight.

Soul Spikes deal more damage than normal attacks, so having your allies send them is a great way to tackle the more powerful phantoms!

If you have a special unit (detailed above) set as your leader, the damage dealt by soul spikes your allies send you will be increased.

*Soul Spikes can not be traded.

*Any unused spikes sent to you by allies will be lost when the event concludes. Soul Spikes will not carry over to any future events.

■Summoner Charms
Summoner Charms will allow you to increase the number of units you can summon from your collection.

You can purchase Summoner Charms from the Shop for the price of 100 MobaCoins /Fanta Pts.

Once used, a Summoner Charm lasts for one phantom battle.

***Take care, once you have used a Summoner Charm, the effect will end at the end of the next battle regardless of whether you actually deploy an extra unit or not.***

■Spirit Shards
Spirit Shards have a set chance to drop whenever you defeat a Phantom in battle or send aid to an Ally. There will be times when they don't drop.

Collect enough Spirit Shards to unlock special, event-specific rewards like rare units.

Unlock all 10 of the Spirit Shard rewards and you'll gain access to secret Spirit Shard rewards.

These rewards often include event-exclusive units so don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on them!

Collecting rewards does not require you to forfeit your Spirit Shards. You'll still retain all of your shards even after you've received your reward.

*Spirit Shards can not be traded.

To collect your rewards, go to the Spirit Shards Rewards page and tap the Receive Rewards button. Your rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

■BT Pts
Defeat Phantoms in battle and aid Allies to gain BT Pts.

Additionally, sending a Soul Spike to an Ally will grant you a larger chunk of BT Pts.

Once you have encountered a Phantom, you can challenge it multiple times until it is defeated or it flees. Its HP will not regenerate.

The fewer attempts it takes you to defeat it, the more BT Pts you will earn.

Ranking will be determined by your total number of BT Pts.

You can view your rank and the rank of the ten players above you via the Ranking page.

There is no limit to the number of times you can fight a Phantom.

Higher rank offers greater rewards, good luck!

As it may take some time for Rankings to update, there may be some discrepancy between what is shown on the Ranking page and the actual, final player rankings.

*Changes to player rankings may take up to 30 minutes to update.

■Rank Rewards
Achieving a spot in the upper ranking brackets gives you access to rare cards that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

The Rank Rewards are as follows:
■BT Point Rank Rewards
・1st Ethelred the Phantom(6★) 4★ Plus Ticket x 3

・2nd - 5th Ethelred the Phantom(6★) 4★ Plus Ticket x 2

・6th - 10th Ethelred the Phantom(6★) 4★ Plus Ticket x 1

・11th - 15th Ethelred the Phantom(6★)

・16th - 30th Elizabeth the Phantom (5★) Premium Ticket x 3

・31st - 50th Elizabeth the Phantom (5★) Premium Ticket x 2

・51st - 100th Elizabeth the Phantom(5★) Premium Ticket x 1

・101st - 200th Elizabeth the Phantom(5★)

・201st - 300th Anne the Phantom (4★) Premium Ticket x 3

・301st - 400th Anne the Phantom(4★) Premium Ticket x 2

・401st - 500th Anne the Phantom(4★) Premium Ticket x 1

・501st - 700th Anne the Phantom(4★)

・701st - 1000th Premium Ticket x 3 Time Elixir(P) x 3

・1001st - 2000th Premium Ticket x 2 Time Elixir(P) x 2

・2001st - 4000th Premium Ticket x 1 Time Elixir(P) x 1

・4001st - 5000th Time Elixir(P) x 3

・5001st -Time Elixir(P) x 2

All Rank Rewards will be awarded only after the event has ended.

■Spirit Shard Rewards
Gather enough Spirit Shards and you'll gain access to items and rare, event-exclusive cards!

There are 15 Spirit Shard Rewards. The rarest card is hidden at the bottom of the list.

Good luck unlocking them all!

*You can receive your Spirit Shard Rewards on the Spirit Shards Rewards page. Tap the "Receive Rewards" button and your rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

*The deadline to collect your Spirit Shard Rewards is December 21, 2012, at 2:00 am PST/PDT.

The difficulty of the Soul Hunters event, as well as the rewards, may be subject to change without prior notice.

Thank you for your understanding!

Players who attempt to exploit bugs or third-party software will find their BT Pts and Rankings reset and accounts suspended for violation of the Terms of Use.

50 shards = Soul Spike x1
300 shards = Summoner Charm x1
600 shards = 600 Brave Points
1000 shards = Premium Ticket x1
2000 shards = Howard The Spirit Warrior
3000 shards = Potion x1
4500 shards = Soul Stone (L) x1
6000 shards = Soul Spike x2
8000 shards = Summoner Charm x2
10000 shards = Mary the Phantom
15000 shards = Soul Spike x3
20000 shards = Henry the Phantom
30000 shards = Summoner Charm x3
40000 shards = Soul Stones (L) x2
50000 shards = Boelyn
70000 shards = 4* Plus Premium Ticket <-- new type of premium ticket with supposedly guaranteed 4* and above
90000 shards = Soul Stone (??)
110000 shards = Soul Stone x3

***** EVENT UNIT: TOM (3*)*****

Note: Image from JP wiki
Type: Magic
Range: 150
Speed: D
Cost: 15
Stats [Ground (Max)/ Air (Max)/ Sea (Max)]: 280 (7585)/ 320 (11454)/ 400 (15943)
Total stats: 1000 (34982)
Ability: -

***** EVENT UNIT: PATRICIA (5*) *****

Note: Image from JP wiki
Type: Missile
Range: 175
Speed: C
Cost: 20
Stats [Ground (Max)/ Air (Max)/ Sea (Max)]: 2000 (22000)/ 2350 (26175)/ 2200 (23600)
Total stats: 6550 (71775)
Ability: Slow 5

***** EVENT UNIT: PARIS (6*) *****

Note: Image from JP wiki
Type: Melee
Range: 130
Speed: B
Cost: 30
Stats [Ground (Max)/ Air (Max)/ Sea (Max)]: 3700 (72795)/ 3500 (66225)/ 3400 (59690)
Total stats: 10600 (198710)
Ability: Knockback 6

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