[EVENT] Helmut's Bootcamp (for New Players)

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[EVENT] Helmut's Bootcamp (for New Players)

Post by wickedLuzi on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:11 pm

This seems to be a new event added with the 12/7/2012 update but only seems to appear on Android devices.

Anyways, it is a new bootcamp that is added in conjunction with Mina's Bootcamp (does not replace Mina's Bootcamp).

Screen shots up first (I put them in a spoiler wrapper because I took them on a tablet so they are kinda big):









1. Enhance a Unit (Reward: 1000 Luna)

2. Have 10 Allies (Reward: 1000 Brave Points)

3. Remove an Ally (Reward: 2000 Brave Points)

4. Have a Leader that is level 15 or Higher (Reward: 1 Time Elixir Personal)

5. Have a Skill (Reward: 2000 Luna)

Note: In the following "Mission" tasks you are provided a set group of units to do them. If you don't see any units, turn off "Favorites" when selecting units.

6. A "Easy" Mission (Reward: 1 Premium Ticket)

Units Provided to Complete Tasks: Nina, Victoria, Edgar, Aleister, and Fiona.


So you get Nina, Victoria, Edgar, Aleister, and Fiona

This mission is pretty easy, I pretty much arranged them almost randomly and won. I had Nina in the far left center area. I had Victoria right next to Nina in the center area. I then had Edgar on the top area to the right (right at the split with the center area) and Aleister right below Edgar (in the bottom area). I had Fiona right next to Aleister.

So I know this isn't the same quest, but the layout is the same.

In this picture:

Romanovich (red headed axe guy_ = Nina
Katherine (blue haired night) = Victoria
Yuki (Japanese priestess with floating rocks) = Aleister
Partenope (green haired girl with harp) = Fiona
Theodore (white haired priest) = Aleister

7. A "Normal" Mission (Reward: 1 Premium Ticket)

Units Provided to Complete Tasks: Cecillia, Monica, Gloria, Seth, and Diana.

8. A "Hard" Mission (Reward: 1 Premium Ticket)

Units Provided to Complete Tasks: Alfonso, Sergei, Luce, Guy, and Yuriya.

This worked for me: NOTE! There is a space between Alfonso and Guy

Complete All Missions and get Helmut the Soldier Unit!

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