[EVENT] The Fires of the Apocalypse [Oct 12 2012 - Oct 19 2012]

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[EVENT] The Fires of the Apocalypse [Oct 12 2012 - Oct 19 2012]

Post by wickedLuzi on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:04 pm

This is a BT point ranking event. You can get BT Points from completing normal quests (ie 1-1 to 26-10) or from Blaze Quests, which are available when you use Blaze Tickets. Blaze Tickets are sometimes awarded from panels but mostly received by buying boxes or packs during the event. There is no new series to get during this event.

Using blaze tickets, you can fight 4 different bosses. They provide a lot more BT than normal quests -- from 5,000 to 15,000. If you can't beat the boss monster first-try, you can wait 10 minutes and try again, and no extra blaze tickets will be deducted.

Since this is a server-wide collaborative event, when you go to the event page, you'll see panels, as well as the current cumulative BT point total and the REMAINING BT points needed to open the next panel. Whenever a panel opens, anyone who has participated in the event can claim the prize.

There are both rank rewards (top 10 get a 6* I believe -- the prizes for everyone else are not too spectacular) and BT point rewards. You can check what both are in-game.
(courtesy of dddmango)

25-3 gives the most BT points (non-blaze -- about 907 points).

Blaze Bosses:
1. Dorothy: Land, no weakness
2. Luce: Air, no weakness
3. Faith: Air,
4. Black Dragon: Land, weak to Melee/Magic

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